Strivectin Products - Niacin is an essential nutrient that is integral to maintaining good health. In addition to protecting the cardiovascular system and raising "good" cholesterol levels when taken orally, niacin is also proven to encourage healing of the skin when applied topically. In 2002, a group of skin care experts and scientists developed a revolutionary treatment for stretch marks. The formula uses a proprietary form of niacin to repair the bruising that gives rise to the discoloration and uneven texture that follows rapid growth or stretching of the skin. StriVectin, the brand they created, has sold over 6 million tubes of their remarkable stretch mark cream because of niacin's amazing ability to repair the skin.

Since the launch of the brand, the StriVectin collection has expanded to include anti-aging skin care products that firm the skin and help minimize the appearance of wrinkles. These formulas combine the proprietary niacin complex with nutrients that strengthen the tissue and restore elasticity. See for yourself what a difference healing niacin can make for the look and feel of your skin by exploring the StriVectin collection.


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