Philip B - Hollywood is the birth place of Philip B. and has revolutionized the hair care industry with award winning formulas that incorporate botanical extracts and essential oils into every highly effective product. After a successful career as a stylist and hair treatment expert, Philip B. decided to formulate his own natural products that would minimize the damage and reduce issues he was seeing in his own clients’ hair. Disappointed in typical commercial products including detergent loaded shampoos and waxy conditioners, Philip B. was determined to develop a line of hair care products that performed better and was easier on the hair in order to encourage better looks along with better health.

The Philip B products line began with a rejuvenating oil that minimizes damage without a heavy or sticky feel. The Philip B oil immediately became popular among hair stylists and got the attention of beauty editors all over the country. From there, the product line expanded to include an assortment of shampoos, conditioners, styling products and specialized treatments. Whatever your needs, you can promote healthier and better looking hair with the help of Philip B.

Philip B

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