Hot and cool compresses are common treatments for a variety of medical conditions, as changing the temperature of the skin can reduce or enhance blood flow, offering myriad benefits for various problems. When applied to the face, compresses can treat everything from puffiness around the eyes to migraine headaches to nasal congestion related to sinusitis or allergies. Using a traditional compress on the face can be difficult and awkward, leading many people to look for alternative treatments. The Pearl Ice face mask collection is designed as the solution to this problem and makes treating the facial area an easy task.

The Pearl Ice mask collection contains both eye and full facial masks that can be chilled or heated, depending on your needs. Ideal for treating the inflammation that follows dermatological and plastic surgical treatments, the masks conform to the shape of your facial contours, allowing for maximum effectiveness. The masks can also be used as a part of your bathing regimen to stimulate relaxation and alleviate stress. Discover the many uses for Pearl Ice masks by exploring the collection now.

Pearl Ice

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