It all started with one vial. Denis Simioni received this small glass bottle from a relative who told her the golden oil inside was an amazing treatment for damaged hair. Never one to believe in miracle cures, Denis left the vial unopened. Then one day when a trip to the pool left her hair dry and brittle, she decided to give it a try. The remarkable effects of this oil astounded her to the point that she set off on a trip to Central America to learn more about its source. There, she discovered that the name of this mysterious oil was Ojon, which seemed the perfect name for the hair care collection that she developed around the oil.

The Ojon hair care collection contains pure oil derived from trees in Central America. The nourishing, hydrating oil is incredibly rare; 8,000 nuts are necessary to produce just 3 cups of it. Because of the presence of the oil in their formulas, Ojon products are uniquely able to reverse damage caused by free radicals and other environmental stressors, restoring hair's health.


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