If you're like most people with oily skin, your complexion often becomes shiny, particular in the t-zone area of the forehead, nose and chin. This shine develops due to excess oil, which lingers on the surface of your skin and creates a reflective surface. Numerous techniques are available for controlling shine from blotting papers to face powder, but typically these products offer only short-lived benefits. With an hour or two, your skin has manufactured enough oil for the shine to return, creating a continuous cycle of short-term treatment followed by the return of unwanted shine.

OC Eight skin care products help to break the shine cycle, allowing your skin to look matte and radiant without the need for cosmetics or blotting papers. The formulas found in OC Eight skin care products absorb excess oil on the skin and remain effective for up to 8 hours, keeping you free of shine throughout your entire workday or evening. The OC Eight skin care collection also includes products to help treat acne, another common problem associated with oily complexions. Fight oily shine before it starts with OC Eight.

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