Founded on the passion for the power of plants and everything they have to offer, Aliza Jab├Ęs poured her knowledge as a research pharmacist into a natural line of skin care products. NUXE is a unique cosmetology brand that relies on plant extracts and natural botanicals in order to improve the health and appearance of the skin. Not only are NUXE products highly effective at addressing various skin concerns and maintaining a healthy complexion, but every product is a pleasure to use, inspiring the body and mind with luxurious formulations that sooth the senses. Delightful fragrances and sensual textures transform the bathroom into a haven.

NUXE recognizes the infinite supply of goodness that comes from nature. All of the formulations work with the skin to encourage better function. On average, each product is comprised of about 80% natural ingredients. NUXE is dedicated to the environment, making as little impact as possible with responsible waste management practices and optimization of packaging. When you choose NUXE, you can feel good about doing the best thing for your skin and the world in which you live.


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