A biologist and beekeeper, a lover of nature and beauty, fascinated by traditional wisdom and knowledge, I founded MELVITA in 1983, a reference to life and honey, that extraordinary product of flowers that sits at the confluence between the plant and animal worlds. MELVITA - Faced with the combined assaults of industrial chemistry and parasites, the world of bees was already, in my eyes, a reminder of the world’s increasing fragility, because a world without bees would be a world without flowers, fruit, beauty… This was why, from the outset, I wanted to place “nature at heart” of our approach and of our ecological and humanistic concerns.

MELVITA is a pioneer in organic cosmetics and has grown to become one of France’s leading brands of natural and organic cosmetics. Resolutely organic. Because we are convinced that the organic commitment is one of the keys to the future of the planet.

Organic and natural beauty products often offer the most promising, enjoyable results. With its beginnings in Ardèche, France, Melvita is an innovative beauty company founded by biologist and beekeeper Bernard Chevilliat in 1983. The name of this brand translates to “honey and life” in Latin, reminiscent of the founder’s ardor for a truly organic lifestyle.

The Melvita brand offers beauty and skincare products for women as well as men, with a wide selection that includes just about everything from hair care to makeup removal, fragrance products, moisturizers, and even deodorants, among others. Product formulations are proudly organic, introducing floral and plant based components as key ingredients. These ingredients hail from organic farms and other sources that practice a true respect for nature. The extensive product collections also boast the esteemed certification by the ECOCERT organization in France.


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