MCK labs is a cooperative effort of a renowned cosmetic dermatologist, an experienced R&D formulator, a progressive esthetician, and a skilled management team that is creating products that make rapid impact with all skin types. The unique blend of experience and background gives our products a unique advantage from inception.

We have been creating products for years and have really turned on our creative juices preparing ourselves for an exciting future. MaMa Lotion has been a staple product for many people world wide for the last handful of years due to its effectiveness and results driven benefits. M2 Skin Care is the new generation of the MAMA brand and is already breaking out as one of the top selling brands with many of our national retailers. Cosmion is an unprecedented micro current trans dermal iontophoretic rejuvenating system that will take the skin care world by storm. Many of our physician based practices are using these products post non ablative laser treatments with brilliant benefits. This is a medically proven technology in a cosmetic application format that creates a delivery system for the unique Vitamin C antioxidant serum that is a part of this product. Boske Dermaceuticals will be a brilliant addition to our brand with its broad spectrum of unique treatment products where maximum concentrations of proven effective ingredients are key. We look forward to an ongoing creative deluge of effective, potent products that consumers love.

MCK Laboratories

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