Effectively slowing production of the skin pigment melanin is the key to treating all types of skin discoloration from age spots to melasma to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The go-to medical intervention used to reduce the rate of production has long been hydroquinone, but concerns about the safety of the ingredient and its propensity to cause sensitivity reactions in users has led many to look for an alternative. In the past, alternatives to hydroquinone have been unable to match the effectiveness of the drug, but all that has changed since the launch of the Lumixyl skin care collection.

Lumixyl uses a blend of peptides to interfere with the actions of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for triggering the melanin synthesis reaction. Clinical trials have shown that this peptide complex is 33 percent more effective than hydroquinone at limiting melanin production. The peptide complex is also gentler on the complexion than harsh chemical agents, making it possible for people who were never able to tolerate treatments for skin discoloration to finally have an even, bright skin tone. Explore the highly effective four-step Lumixyl treatment system today!


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