In order to learn the story of L’Occitane, you need to go back to 1976 when the brand was created by a man named Olivier Baussan. With his inspiration for the cultures found in the Mediterranean, Baussan formulated a collection of skin care products with all of the fragrances and appeal of the region. Today, L’Occitane is a combination of nature and science, infusing botanicals primarily from the Provence area of France with clinically proven effective active ingredients. Famous for its lavender, Provence is also rich in other natural resources such as olives and almonds.

L’Occitane is committed to quality skin care and environmentally responsible production with the highest of standards. This means limiting the use of chemical ingredients as well as the impact to the environment. Rigorous testing is always performed to ensure safety for the skin so that you can rest assured that every product will be kind to your complexion. The brand also supports sustainable practices, respecting nature as it delivers a luxurious and pampering line of skin care that everyone can enjoy. Experience the beauty and delight of Provence through the wonders of L’Occitane.


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