Are you happy with your lashes? If you're like many of us, your lashes may never seem to look full and thick, no matter what mascara you apply. Often, the problem with the look of your eyelashes has nothing to do with the cosmetics that you apply and everything to do with the health of the tiny hairs along your lash line. Just as the hairs on your head can become dry and damaged, your eyelashes can suffer from the effects of sunlight and impurities in the environment as well as from harsh chemicals in makeup.

The LashFood cosmetics collection nourishes eyelashes that are starved for moisture and vital nutrients. The range includes both treatment products and mascaras that strengthen and thicken the lashes, leaving them healthier and fuller. In clinical trials, 100 percent of users reported improvements in the length and density of their lashes after using LashFood products. The collection also includes formulas to improve the look of the eyebrows and can help them recover from over-plucking or waxing. Discover the benefits of the clinically-proven LashFood products today!


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