The medi-Skin Clinic of Los Angeles has a stellar reputation internationally for offering effective skin care treatments that not only improve the appearance of the complexion, but also make the skin healthier. Using a medical-based approach, the clinic treats a wide variety of conditions from acne to signs of aging, and people travel great distances to enjoy the benefits of its services. To make healthy skin a reality for more people, the clinic's founder, Kate Somerville, developed her own line of skin care products inspired by the formulas used at her spa.

Whatever your goals are for your complexion, the Kate Somerville skin care collection can help you reveal the healthier, more youthful-looking version of yourself that you long to see looking back at you in the mirror. All of the products in the collection are rigorously tested by the skin care experts at the medi-skin Clinic to ensure that they are maximally effective, yet still completely safe. Give your skin what it needs to look its best by developing a daily skin care regimen based on Kate Somerville products.

Kate Somerville

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