Around 85 percent of women have cellulite somewhere on their bodies. Part of the reason why cellulite is such a widespread problem for women is that the condition can be difficult to treat. The fatty deposits that give rise to that dimpled, orange peel skin lay deep beneath the skin in the subcutaneous level of tissue. Most skin care products are only capable of penetrating the outermost layer of tissue, the epidermis, and never deliver their cellulite-fighting ingredients to where the problem tissue is actually lurking. The CelluliteRx skin care collection differs from these other formulas, thanks to its revolutionary encapsulated ingredient delivery system.

The CelluliteRx skin care collection is a three-step system designed by a master esthetician and a health educator. This pair of women understands the many challenges that come with treating cellulite, and so they worked with medical scientists to develop the QuSome delivery system, which packages the brand's proprietary complexes into tiny capsules that are easily absorbed by the skin. By traveling deep into the skin tissue, CelluliteRx products burn cellulite and dramatically improve skin's texture.

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