Greenleaf - In 1975, a husband and wife team that owned a bedding plant business became inspired to try something new. From working with plants, the pair knew that the natural fragrances of herbs and flowers could have an amazing effect upon emotions, and they were anxious to find a way to help people improve their lives through the power of natural scents. Together, they created an envelope sachet using all-natural ingredients, marking the start of Greenleaf. The beautiful scent of their first product led to instant popularity and the gradual expansion of their collection. Since then, the brand has grown to become one of the largest producers of home fragrances and skin care products in the United States.

Greenleaf products are made with only natural ingredients, giving them incredible scents without the use of synthetic chemicals. The collection includes fragrance products for the home and treats for the skin, including lotions and hand soaps. With elegant packaging and affordable prices, Greenleaf products make lovely gifts for many occasions. Discover a new fragrance to delight your senses by exploring the collection now.


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