Because of its ability to effectively loosen cells from the outer layer of skin, glycolic acid is a powerful treatment for many types of skin care conditions. From eliminating dark spots on the complexion to decreasing the depth of wrinkles, glycolic acid treatments can produce a number of positive changes that greatly improve the texture and tone of the skin. Unfortunately, many people find that traditional glycolic acid treatments are too harsh for their complexions and suffer from redness, stinging and dryness after using products that contain the natural acid. The Gly Derm skin care collection was developed as an alternative to traditional treatments and can allow you to enjoy the benefits of glycolic acid even if you have delicate skin.

Gly Derm products contain glycolic acid that has been esterified, making it less abrasive. In clinical studies, high doses of esterified glycolic acid have been proven to be far less irritating than similar doses of the alpha hydroxy acid in its raw state. As a result, Gly Derm products offer maximum effectiveness with a lower risk of side effects.


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