"I've always believed in traditional medicine. Unlike modern science, its wisdom dates back thousands of years and it heals the whole body rather than treating the symptoms. To me that makes sense. But for some reason, the skin care industry abandoned traditional healing decades ago and followed the quick-fix promises of a rushed, modern culture instead. Nowadays skin care products contain synthetic chemicals and harsh ingredients, with little or no consideration to balance and healing."

"Pronounced "fade," and derived from the Chinese word "fei," FEI'D™ contains 10 clinically proven key ingredients to visibly improve your skin. Yes, you'll look younger, lighter and brighter. But most importantly you'll feel younger, lighter and brighter too. And you know what? The scientific proof just confirms what traditional healers have known for thousands of years – natural products do deliver breakthrough skin care results." - Claire Gutschow, Founder of FEI'D Skin Care


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