Erno Laszlo - A review of the history of skin care quickly reveals how much we owe to Erno Laszlo, the Hungarian skin pathologist who established many of the principles that are now commonplace features of skin care. In 1927, Laszlo made headlines by curing a Hungarian princess of chronic acne that no other physician had been able to treat. By 1937, Hollywood celebrities like Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly were flocking to him for help with their complexions. The effectiveness of Laszlo's methods caused a worldwide sensation, but it wasn't miracle cures that he was offering to women; Laszlo's methods centered on establishing a good daily skin care regimen of cleansing and moisturizing.

While designer ingredients come and go every year, the basic tenants of good skin care that we owe to Laszlo remain. The doctor's eponymous brand of skin care products, the Erno Laszlo collection, resists changing whenever a new fad is unleashed on the industry. Rigorously tested and trusted by women all over the world, the Erno Laszlo range provides you with trusted, proven solutions for good daily skin care.

Erno Laszlo, Inc

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