In 1944, a woman working in an airplane hangar in Oklahoma to assist with the nation's efforts in World War II created a skin cream in her kitchen sink to help treat the skin dryness that was a common occurrence at the hangar because of harsh weather conditions. A generation later, her daughter, Vicki Weaver-Payne discovered the recipe for her mother's original blend of eight natural oils and decided to perfect it to help men and women everywhere treat skin dehydration. Her improvements upon her mother's initial formula led to the release of the Eight Body Moisture collection, a highly effective treatment range for dry skin.

At the heart of the Eight Body Moisture collection is the same blend of essential oils used in the original formula that transformed the leathery faces of aircraft mechanics into smooth, supple complexions. The collection has expanded to include a full daily skin care regimen, which allows you to cleanse, exfoliate and soften dry skin in just four simple steps. Shop the Eight Body Moisture collection and finally calm your itchy, flaky dry skin.

Eight Body Moisture

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