Because of his innovative, multi-functional treatments, the services of dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel are in high demand and have been for more than two decades. His experiences with treating patients at his office in New York City have given Sobel a wealth of knowledge about the best ways to treat common skin care problems and how to minimize the risk for side effects that are associated with strong, effective clinical treatments. In 1991, Sobel created Doctor's Dermatologic Formula or DDF. This skin care collection contains some of Sobel's signature ingredient blends and is designed to help people everywhere benefit from the doctor's treatments.

The DDF skin care collection includes a full array of formulas to cleanse, clarify, treat and moisturize the complexion. The range includes products for acne treatment, early signs of aging, advanced signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and skin sensitivity. Each product is designed to address one of these five common skin care problems, allowing you to develop regimens that will treat your biggest skin concerns with every step. Shop the clinical strength solutions in the DDF range now!


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