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Lip color can be subtle or dramatic, creating a more glamorous look as the day moves into evening. Whatever your fancy, lipstick is the final touch to your makeup design. Warm, light colors in a matte or cream finish are typically preferred for daytime wear, while darker, brighter colors with gloss create a flirtier, more dramatic look for nighttime. It’s important to choose a color that matches the natural tone of your skin and lips and also complements the colors you’ve chosen for your cheeks and eye makeup. Shades of brown and red, mauve and berry tones pair well with olive skin; deep reds, burgundy, chocolate and plum complement a dark skin tone; and pinks, beiges, apricots, light corals and orange-tinted colors are ideal for lighter skin. If you’re using a lip liner, be sure to match the color to your lipstick. Follow your actual lip line exactly and blend the lip liner and lip color fully after applying to avoid an unnatural, clownish look. Lip color is available in stick, liquid and cream forms, and some contain added sun protection.
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