To truly change the look and feel of the complexion, skin care products must work on a cellular level, but the innate complexity of our cells makes this a difficult task. Every cell in our bodies exhibits chirality, which in simple terms means that they are oriented in a right-handed or left-handed fashion. For an ingredient to be optimal for the skin cells, it must be engineered to account for the cells' chirality, which is why the scientists at CosMedix spent years researching the best methods to produce formulas that are entirely chirally correct.

The result of their efforts is the revolutionary CosMedix skin care range. Every formula featured in the full line of skin care products is adjusted to attract the skin cells, making them four times more effective than those found in ordinary products. Because CosMedix products interact ideally with the skin cells, they also pose less of a risk for irritation and allergic reactions, so they're safe for all skin types. The science behind the brand has led to its approval and use among many top dermatologists.


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