The expression “less is more” has a profound meaning when it comes to skin care. Many people think that the answer to beautiful skin is multiple product usage with many different steps. The Cor Silver approach is much simpler. The idea behind this unique brand is that many different goals can be fulfilled with just one single step. The hero product from Cor Silver is the unique soap which contains active ingredients that are capable of penetrating deep within the layers of the skin in order to deliver beneficial actives that help combat various issues while restoring health and vitality to the skin. Silver has long been known as a natural antibacterial agent. The particles of silver are microscopic and capable of reaching areas of the skin that are not accessible to many larger molecules. The antiseptic properties make for a Cor Silver Soap acne aid and can help with the management of blemish prone skin.

The active ingredients in Cor Silver products also include sericin, collagen and chitosan which help relieve some of the symptoms associated with aging skin. The products restore moisture, smooth wrinkles, increase firmness and promote an even skin tone with radiance and clarity.


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