Coola - The dangers of the sun are undeniable. Sun damage is one of the primary causes of melanoma and the leading cause of roughly 90 percent of all other types of skin cancers not to mention premature aging of the skin. Many people avoid using sunscreen because they don’t care for the texture or smell and many others avoid using protection for fear of irritating their delicate skin.

The Coola sun care collection was developed to help who have had a negative experience with sunscreen in the past. All of the products in the Coola range contain at least 70 percent certified organic ingredients in their formulas, marking a large reduction in the number of chemicals used in the products in comparison to traditional sunscreens. Free of preservatives, the formulas in the Coola range are ideal for those who frequently suffer irritation including redness and itching after applying sunscreen. The products feel great on the skin and don’t have the typical unpleasant odor of many sunscreens on the market. Shop this natural collection and you will discover how pleasant sun protection can be.


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