Many of us know that vitamin C plays an important part in fighting illness and keeping the immune system strong, but the benefits of vitamin C for the skin tissue are not as widely known. An unsung hero for the complexion, vitamin C guards the skin, defending it against free radicals that can cause wrinkles to form. Vitamin C also assists in the production of collagen fibers and brightens area of discoloration on the complexion. As we age, our needs for vitamin C become more pronounced, and most of us are unable to get enough of the nutrient through our diets alone.

The Cellex-C skin care collection is a highly-effective vitamin C supplement range that can give your skin a generous dose of this key nutrient. Not an oral supplement, Cellex-C is applied directly to the complexion, where it can go to work protecting the skin cells and performing its other functions immediately. In addition to the signature vitamin C treatment, the Cellex-C skin care range also includes other formulas enriched with the nutrient. Shop the collection now!


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