In 2007 CellCeuticals Skin Care was founded by internationally recognized plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher along with beauty veteran Paul Scott Premo. One of the leading plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Garth Fisher has helped men and women dramatically improve their appearances through medical interventions. He has even been featured on the television show "Extreme Makeover" due to his expertise in restoring youthfulness and vitality to the face and body. Knowing that not everyone is a candidate for plastic surgery, Dr. Fisher, along with Paul Scott Premo, created a unique skin care collection formulated based on the latest biotechnological research. The CellCeuticals skin care collection features unique ingredients developed by a strong experienced team, making the products able to produce unparalleled results that you simply can't achieve with other formulas.

The CellCeuticals skin care collection consists of products designed to treat signs of aging for all types of complexions. The range also includes products that effectively protect the skin from sun damage and free radical-related oxidative damage, so they slow down the aging process to keep skin looking youthful for longer. With cleansers, exfoliators and moisturizers, the CellCeuticals collection gives you all of the components necessary to create an effective daily anti-aging skin care regimen.


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