The incredible blend of proprietary ingredients or rare natural extracts in a skin care product is meaningless if the formula that contains them isn't absorbed well by the skin. Without proper absorption, those healthy ingredients stay trapped on the surface of the skin, where they can affect only the cells that are already dead and are just waiting to be shed through your body's natural turnover process. The Celazome skin care collection differs from others on the market due to its incredible nanosphere technology, which delivers ingredients deep into the skin tissue, where they can create real results for the complexion.

Thanks to nanosphere technology, Celazome skin care products are 75 times more concentrated than other skin care formulas, making them better able to nourish and heal the complexion. The tiny capsules that contain the ingredients also slowly release them into the skin for benefits that continue for hours after application. Clinically tested and proven to be better at treating conditions like signs of aging than ordinary products, the Celazome formulas use the latest science to safely beautify the skin.

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