Caudalie - Those who savor fine wine discuss the quality of its flavor using specific terminology to describes how pleasing a particular vintage is. The wines with the best ratings are typically made with the best grapes, free of impurities and most carefully made. The term employed for these ratings is caudalie, a word that Mathilde Thomas borrowed for the name of her skin care collection. Formulated with the help of a professor of pharmacy, the Caudalie Paris skin care range includes products that contain wine grapes and an assortment of other nourishing natural extracts.

Each product in the Caudalie Paris skin care collection provides the complexion with antioxidants, making each one capable of delaying the formation of signs of aging. Like the finest wines, the products are made from only the very best ingredients and are free of potentially harmful substances, including toxins and preservatives that are common irritants. All of the Caudalie Paris formulas are made with pride after clinical testing for efficacy and safety. The skin care lineup helps you use the best of the vine to do what's best for your skin.

Caudalie Paris Skincare Tip: Don't settle for good skin; go for phenomenal skin! Cleanse twice daily and make sure your moisturizers are chock-full of cutting edge ingredients, especially antioxidants! Strong antioxidants in certain skincare brands counter the effects of free radical damage. In the morning use a top-notch day cream with sun protection such as Caudalie Paris Vinoperfect Day Protecting Cream with SPF15. At night use the best night cream you can get your hands on. When we sleep we renew and so does our skin. Potentiate sleep's natural effects with a night cream like Caudalie Paris Vinoperfect Correcting Night Cream.


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