While many men think of personal grooming as an essential, it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. Billy Jealousy was founded by Pat Parsi and Danielle Rouso in 2004. This is a fun and edgy brand that is dedicated to men’s skin care without entirely excluding the ladies. Even though the Billy Jealousy lineup is modern and sophisticated, all products contain active ingredients that are proven effective. We’re not just about jazzy packaging and sayings. At the end of the day, we produce results.

Rather than thinking of your personal care routine as a must, have a blast with Billy Jealousy, a whole lifestyle that celebrates looking and feeling good through a new approach to men’s grooming. While the typical guy doesn’t like to invest a lot of time and fuss into his morning routine, he does like to look and feel his best. The entire collection offered by Billy Jealousy is practical yet fun and simple but effective. It’s designed to have you out the door and feeling good about yourself in little time. Embrace the Billy Jealousy lifestyle, promoting the best about being a guy while catering to your personal care needs.

Billy Jealousy

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