Belli Products - Pregnancy is a joyful time, but it can also be a time full of concerns about the future and about one's health. While some of these nagging thoughts that expectant mothers have simply can't be avoided, no mother-to-be should have to deal with worries about the appearance of her skin. That's the driving philosophy behind the Belli Skin Care collection, a range of products developed by a physician especially for pregnant women. Full of maximally effective formulas, the collection is recommended by OB/GYNs around the world and is free of ingredients that are known to have toxic potential or that pose a risk to unborn babies.

In addition to the lineup of skin care products for pregnancy, Belli Skin Care also carries a motherhood collection to help women deal with the changes that occur to the complexion in the postpartum period. These formulas are clinically tested to ensure that their ingredients do not enter breast milk, ensuring they are safe for those who choose to nurse. Completing the Belli Skin Care collection is the lineup of natural, irritant-free formulas for caring for babies' delicate skin.


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