With his more than forty years of experience as a chemist in the field of dermatology, Ben Kaminsky founded B. Kamins, a cosmetically elegant line of skin care products offering clinical results. B Kamins Skin Care specializes in helping those with sensitive skin and those who are struggling with issues due to aging, hormonal changes from menopause, acne, rosacea and eczema as well as other common skin conditions. B Kamins Chemist can be used by both men and women and offers a variety of different products for everyday use.

The B Kamins Rosacea line has offered relief and comfort to many people suffering from red flare ups. B Kamins Booster Blue is unique in that its formulations ease symptoms associated with roacea prone skin while also camouflaging redness with a blue tint.

The B Kamins Acne line gently but effectively treats blemishes will helping to prevent the formation of future breakouts. Unlike many harsh systems, B Kamins products are gentle and soothing. All B Kamins skin lines are designed to improve the health and function of the skin. The unique B Kamins Bio Maple technology combines science with nature to moisturize and balance the skin.

B. Kamins

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