ARCONA skin care and The ARCONA Studio were born in Los Angeles in 1989, established by a remarkable woman named Arcona. A chemist and pioneer in holistic skin care long before it became trendy, she developed skin care products and treatments that would provide Hollywood celebrities—and women and men everywhere—with an alternative to cosmetic surgery and other harsh treatments to forestall the effects of aging.

Today, the ARCONA brand is known and respected for its high quality, luxury formulations and their unparalleled ability to make a positive change to the skin. Chanel Jenae, vice president, product formulator and esthetician and Kevin Anderson, ARCONA president and CEO, continue to build on the legacy the brand so rightly deserves. Having worked directly with Arcona for many years, they feel well equipped to carry on the fundamental philosophy and vision of the brand well into the future. The ARCONA story has only just begun.


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