Aramis Classic is an expression of confidence and refined character with a sophisticated edge. A timeless fragrance with wide appeal that is distinctively masculine, warm and provocative. A true classic! It is no wonder this much loved fragrance was re-introduced to the market. The warm signature scent of Aramis was a crowd pleaser from the beginning and now the much loved fragrance is available in a host of personal care products just for men. With such an amazing fragrance, why stop with eau de toilette? When one of the most popular fragrances came back to be enjoyed by all, the signature scent of Aramis Classic found itself in various items just for men.

The Aramis Classic collection delivers a dose of this timeless fragrance in every product. For men who love the fragrance, they can now enjoy it even more with every grooming product they use on their faces, hair, and bodies. Complementing fragrant products are an ideal way to smell great without the worry of competing scents. Collect all fragrant items for great skin and hair with the wonderful scent of Aramis Classic for an exquisitely masculine experience every day.

Aramis, Inc.

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