ANSR - Science has presented many different options for treating various skin conditions. One recent discovery is the power of LED, light-emitting diode which was first discovered by scientists at NASA who used the technology to help promote the growth of plants in space. This research led to the realization that light therapy can also benefit human cells in order to improve the performance of skin.

Doctor’s offices and spas have used light therapy for years and now consumers can enjoy the benefits with the ANSR beam, a hand held device that delivers the power of light therapy conveniently and without the high cost of professional treatments. This is the same safe and effective therapy that was once only available through skin care professionals. Other devices on the market offer either blue light therapy which works well on acne prone skin or red light therapy which is effective when addressing the signs of aging. The ANSR is unique in that it offers both types of treatments in the same device. The advantage is both convenient and economical.


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