aMENity products were developed by top chemists in the beauty industry and have been tested by a group of experts that include dermatologists, biochemists and plastic surgeons. Kimberly Pecoraro is Co-Founder and President of aMENity, bringing in years of experience in the skin care industry. After much success, she chose to develop a line of products in the market of men’s grooming, what some consider to be the fastest growing sector of the skin care market. One of the top products from aMENity is the aMENity After Shave and Face Moisturizer which soothes skin that has just been shaved while also hydrating to reduce dryness and wrinkles. The formula is oil-free and never feels greasy on a man’s face. It was developed specifically for the uniqueness of a man’s skin, leaving it smoother and younger looking. Men often complain about sweaty, smelly feet which is what inspired aMENity to develop aMENity Foot Spray. The easy-to-use spray actually helps to prevent odors by killing the bacteria that cause pungent foot odor. It also helps to soften dry cracked heels and thick calluses. The formula is cooling on contact and works to keep the feet stay cool and dry all day.


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